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Everywhere I've Left Myself

by Landing Feet First

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Jacob Nelson
Jacob Nelson thumbnail
Jacob Nelson Such a great EP and awesome dudes, even picked up a shirt! Favorite track: Sow The Seeds.
Nicholas Stewart
Nicholas Stewart thumbnail
Nicholas Stewart Genuinely heartfelt music. Very smart arrangements, and overall great sonic sound. Favorite track: Simple.
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released November 25, 2013

Engineered and Mixed by Chris LaRocque and Steve Aliperta at Kennedy Studios

Mastered By Kevin Dye



all rights reserved


Landing Feet First Lowell, Massachusetts

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Track Name: Sow The Seeds
Give me more advice
To follow straight into the ground
I’ll see you in a few years
When your luck has run out

Look what has become of us both

Sow the seeds to sell us out
(There’s nothing more important than you)
You should be ashamed
(Do you think straight ever?)
We’re through

I’ve put in too much effort
For you to slow me down
Can we stop the immaturity?
We’re not children anymore
Track Name: Simple
I’ve invested my life
Fully into my dreams
Of who I would one day
Like to be

I suggest we turn this around
Or prepare for something we’ll regret
Unless you think we’re in luck
But I doubt we’re fortunate enough
I have yet to grow or understand
What it takes to be a man
I still feel like a little

I’ve invested my time
Fully into fantasies
Of one day truly being

You tear me down while I’m vulnerable
I’ll have you feeling invincible

The pressure’s building up
I’m afraid of losing touch with my dreams
The pressure’s building up
I’m afraid of losing touch with what
Defines me
Track Name: In Park
Touching hands and lips we wept
Thinking back to our last parting
The things that we’ll never forget
All that’s felt left alone is heartache

My love you’re just what’s in need
For the lonely hear at work inside me
The situation that we’re in
Will only get better with time
Love trust me

Let’s take the long way home
Delay the inevitable
Tears come down in streams
Why is this happening?

Are we almost home?
(Are those your arms around me?)
Are those really tears?
(Or is this just a dream?)

We made the long trip home
( I feel your arms around me)
Tears come down in streams
(Thank God this isn’t a dream)

Touching hands and lips we wept
Thinking back to our last parting
The things that we’ll never forget
Our cherished memories
Track Name: Ham Sandwich
My debts
Will be the death of me
They’re all
But I’m not interested
In any of this business

I hate how this world works
Something needs to change
Can’t we all just be happy?

We were in the way
Of bigger more powerful things
When I lose myself
The world that made me the way that I am

Has anything gotten better yet?
I’ve forgotten what it’s like to be happy
Love, come home
Come fix me
Track Name: Everywhere You've Left Me
I hate the way you left me here

Where have you gone?

Time it killed you
And it’s all killing me
Blame it all on fate
And feign responsibility